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Come Let Us Reason Together: Resolving Conflict

Come Let Us Reason Together Resolving Conflict


One of my readers who I greatly appreciate asked me to give more examples of agreements.
Here is one regarding disagreements…I know everyone has them.
We start the conversation with our hubby.  Before we know it we are welling up inside and starting to get angry and defensive.  What do we do??   At that realization we need to stop and calmly and lovingly say to our spouse, “Honey I’m feeling defensive right now.  I really want to hear what you are saying and I really care about you.”

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“And They Lived Happily Ever After” & Book Giveaway!


Happily Ever After

The movies, media,  and culture gives us the idea that when two people marry they live “happily ever after.” I can still see Cinderella’s carriage as she and her Prince drive away. I can see the sign on the back of the beautiful carriage, “And they lived happily ever after.” Being a new believer when I got married I truly thought marriage would be easy. After all you had two believers coming together. LOL!

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