SuperGreen Berry Salad


SuperGreen Salad from Dr. Jockers

Photo credit: Dr.


This SuperGreen Berry Salad is not only tasty, but so pretty to look at, plus it’s good for your eyes!  On Dr. (where I found this recipe), they state:


This is truly a superfood recipe for the mind and eyes.  Kale is loaded with carotenoid antioxidants,  lutein,  and zeaxanthin that concentrate in the macula lutea, the region of highest visual acuity in the human eye.

These anti-oxidants protect the macula from UV light and protect the brain from free radical damage. The berries contain anthocyanin anti-oxidants that benefit both the brain and vision as well. They are also low-glycemic making them the best fruits along with lemons and limes to consume regularly. The bell peppers bring more carotenoid anti-oxidants into the picture.

The combination of chlorophyll in the dark green leafy veggies, unique carotenoids and anthocyanin’s belonging to each of the different colors gives this recipe a rich variety of powerful nutrients. The result is that it looks delightful, tastes amazing and supercharged your energy!

Ready to make some?! :)


  • 2 large organic lacinato kale leaves
  • Big handful of organic baby spinach
  • Small handful of organic raspberries
  • Small handful of organic blueberries
  • 1/4 red, yellow & orange bell peppers diced


Rip up the kale leaves into small, bite sized pieces. Put all ingredients into a big salad bowl.



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