Memories Of My Grandma

teaWhen someone mentions the word ‘grandma’ this is what comes to mind.
Visiting with neighbors on the wrap around porch. Metal lawn chairs, bird bath, a china glass telephone that played Für Elise, a soft pink comforter, winding stair case with a fun rail to slide down, fresh baked pie and a cup of tea.

Memories of my Grandma “Florence” bring me sheer delight.  She was a woman of faith.  I would pass her house on the way home from middle school and would always anticipate stopping by and visiting  with her. I remember the aroma as I arrived of a fresh baked pie. I could hear the tea kettle whistling on the stove for that fresh brewed cup of tea.
I knew my grandmother would always give me encouragement and sound advice. No matter piewhat trials she faced in life her faith in God got her through.
I can proudly say I am named after her and I dedicate this blog to her :)

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