Exercise Consistency & T-Tapp Giveaway!!!


Two T-Tapp Giveaways


Exercise!!  A word that can invoke excitement or dread.

Many of us get discouraged because we just can’t get into the habit of consistent exercise.  We feel defeated and give up. I have been there. Here are some things that have helped me.


On the Go Planners1. Get into the mindset of deciding on a certain time you will exercise during the day and which T-Tapp workout or movements you will do. Write it down on your calendar or in your planner. I love the HEDUA * On The Go Planner. The fact it is simple and can fit in my purse is a real plus for me. Another app which I just starting using is the Commit App. Very simple and not time consuming.

I find the morning to be the best time because you can get it done  and  check it off your list. You will also continue to burn calories throughout the day as studies show. What a motivator :)  I also find it gives me more energy throughout the day.

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2. Lay out your workout clothes the night before. It’s a great motivator when you wake up and they are already there. You don’t have to run around frantically trying to find and decide what you will put on.

Two T-Tapp Giveaways!

3.  Give yourself a positive pep talk. I can do this!!  Think of all the benefits you will reap as you exercise. No negative thoughts. The more we focus on the negative thoughts the more they become ingrained in our minds and we start to believe those thoughts. It becomes a downward spiral. For instance if you wake up and you say I’m too tired. It’s not going to be a good day you have set the mood for the day. I have personally found when I am tired and I start doing T-Tapp I become invigorated :) Remember think encouraging, uplifting thoughts.





A Basic Workout Plus DVD Giveaway!

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                    Fit & Fab Giveaway (Use this image to Pin the giveaway!)                     a Rafflecopter giveaway




4. Find a T-Tapp buddy. Work out together and or encourage each other and hold each other accountable.


5. Do a T-Tapp boot camp to give you a  jump start and get you going.


6. A mom with young children may possibly ask “How can I do this?” Let your children join you. It’s great exercise for them and you are encouraging them to love exercise. My daughter who has four young children, stair steps ages three to seven, would have them exercise with her.  I have seen numerous pictures of T-Tapper moms exercising with their precious children. You are preparing and encouraging the next generation of T-Tappers :)



In celebration of all the great T-Tappers out there and future T-Tappers I am giving away another Basic Workout Plus DVD or Teresa’s book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.

You just need to comment as to which give away you would prefer and like my Facebook page.  Giveaway will close on July 18th. Winners will be chosen by a random drawing.  Whoo Hoo :)

Happily T-Tapping,


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11 thoughts on “Exercise Consistency & T-Tapp Giveaway!!!

  1. Mary Price

    I am very excited for this giveaway. I love T-Tapp! It helps give me energy to keep up with my 3 boys!

  2. Jessica S

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’m a TTapp fan :) love sharing it with family and friends. Working on entering both giveaways!

  3. JamieM

    I’ve been doing T-Tapp off and on for a few years but I’ve never read the book, “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.” I’d love to win that!

  4. Martha

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some wonderful prizes! I am entering both contests, but I would prefer the book. :)

  5. Stephanie Blessing

    I have the video but would love to win it to give to my mother. I do not have the book, though, and would love to read it!


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