Dyslexic and Smart!


Dyslexic and Smart!


I recently found this post, ‘Dyslexics are Smart’ by Jules Johnson, and thought it was too good not to share :)



When someone says: “Your kids have dyslexia? But they seem so smart!”

“These words were said to me by a well-meaning friend yesterday. At first, I was a bit taken aback because my kids are smart. I suppose I’ve been living in my own little dyslexia-friendly bubble due to joining several parent groups. However, those words shattered the bubble into a million pieces, and I came crashing back down to reality.

I was hurt.

How many times have people thought this, but not voiced it?

As I stood there with my jaw hanging open, my first reaction was defensiveness. I wanted to go into my children’s higher-than-average IQ scores, and repeat that Einstein, Edison, and Spielberg all have dyslexia.

As I got home, however, those words sat with me.

They sat with me because I realize that for one person who voiced those words, many more think them. And we must, as a community, change that perception.


Why do so many people outside of the dyslexia community believe that slow reading means a person is slow in thinking as well?”

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