Hi! I’m Cathy Florence Cabell. I was named after my paternal grandmother who was very instrumental in my life. She was always there for me and encouraging me along the way, hence the name of my blog.


I am have been married for 31 years to my husband who is a retired Air Force officer who served our country for 30 years.



My husband and I on the steps of the church where we were married in Hampton, Virgina.

During our Air Force Career we moved ten times in twenty years. I loved traveling, meeting people from different cultures, and making new friendships.


I am a school teacher turned homeschool mom.  I have a heart for dyslexic students since it is hereditary and runs in our family. I am a screener for dyslexia as well as a tutor.


I have five precious grown children. Four girls and one boy, and a son-in-law.

My kids

Robert, Sarah, Julianna, Christina, and Angela


Ragnar & Angela

My son-in-law Ragnar and Angela. Ragnar is an agricultural pilot.


I am also grateful to be a grandma to four precious grandchildren. I love being given dandelions and told I am the best grandma in the whole world :)

My grandkids

My grandkids: Abby, Lily, Kaylie, and Levi :)


My desire is to live a healthier lifestyle and to take care of the body God has given me. I struggle like a lot of other women. My downfall is sweets. I have learned to love Kale shakes, salads, etc. which I could never say a few years ago.  I found out eating healthy does not mean tasteless food. I have found numerous healthy and delicious recipes.


In the process of getting healthier I came across and exercise program called T-Tapp. Created by Teresa Tapp, an exercise physiologist. You activate 5-7 muscles at one time. You can read about the program and my T-Tapp journey here.


Interesting facts about me:

  • I grew up in a small town. There is a rock you can stand on and you are in three states at once (NY,NJ,PA).
  • I was playing on my great Aunt’s fire escape when I was little and fell two stories. I missed the concrete landed on the grass, got up and walked away. My mother was the one screaming. I went to the doctor…I was fine. I know you are thinking, “Oh!  Is that what happened to you?!”  :)
  • My sister and I used to fight like cats and dogs growing up. My dad would be in the background singing “Sisters” from the movie White Christmas. We are now best friends :)
  • Played clarinet in middle and high school band.
  • Was on first girls varsity basketball team in the history of my high school.
  • Beat the record at my college for basketball dribbling the fastest. Four physical ed teachers approached me to tell me that. Short people take note. Lower you are to the ground the faster you can dribble :)
  • I love badminton. Can’t figure out why I can’t find anyone to play with :)
  • I came to know the Lord at age 25.
  • Been in a category 3 hurricane in Mississippi. After we came out of the shelter there was unbelievable destruction :(
  • When my first  daughter was 2 months old we moved to Korea.
  • I’ve been to the DMZ when we lived in South Korea.  We went into the blue hut–the Military Armistice Commission Conference Room that straddles the Demarcation Line. I was able to be in North and South Korea there. I am grateful for the men and women who sacrifice their lives and protect the USA so we can enjoy the many freedoms that other countries don’t have.
  • Dec. 7th,1989 our “Brady Bunch” station wagon my husband and I were driving in to go to Williamsburg, Virginia,  hit a patch of black ice during an ice storm. The car hit an electric pole, snapped it in half and the live wires came to rest on top of our car. Needless to say the car was totaled.  We walked away without a scratch :) Thank you Lord.
  • We moved a farm house 12 miles to 60 acres. It was aired on HGTVS  Haulin House  in 2008. It was fun getting calls from friends we hadn’t heard from in ages saying, “I’m watching you right now on TV!”. One letter we got after the show was aired was a daughter wanting to surprise her mom who now lived in Maryland,  but was born in the house we moved. They were going to be in town for a family event and wanted to bring her mom by. It was a blessing. We were able to hear the history of the house and they put a book together for us regarding the history of the house with pictures and more.

Things I enjoy:

  • reading, studying, and soaking in the rich treasures of God’s Word
  • spending time with family and friends
  • seeing the handiwork of God in sunrises, sunsets, flowing creeks, change of seasons, and last but not least a precious baby.
  • reading encouraging books
  • sitting in front of a cozy fire
  • sipping on mint tea
  • chocolate
  • watching romantic movies with my hubby
  • keeping things simple but elegant
  • reminiscing about God’s faithfulness in my life.
  • cycling
  • traveling


My hearts desire is that I  would be an encouragement to you.  Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day.


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